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You can create unique nail designs in three simple steps.

Step 1: Skin Tone

Your skin tone

Select your skin tone to find the best matching nail design.

Step 1: Skin Tone

Your idea

Pick the shape, color, style, theme, or technique you like of your nail design.

Step 1: Skin Tone

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Our AI will instantly create a unique nail design just for you.

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Light-skinned? Flaunt a yellow, cruise-themed, rainbow-style almond-shaped manicure with glitter technique!
Medium-olive skin toned nail design in pink, featuring a New Year theme in a 3D style with marbled almond shape.
Medium-olive skin toned almond-shaped nails with a festive red and white leopard print, made using a powder dip technique.
Medium-olive skin toned, coffin-shaped nails colored orange with a tropical Easter theme featuring a chrome technique.
Deep skin tone with coffin-shaped, ombre dip powdered pink nails. An abstract party theme
Floral-themed oval nails in black & red, perfect for Valentine's Day. Enhanced with glitter, suits light skin tones.
Rock a cow-themed oval ombre transformation in pink and purple this Valentine's day. Perfect for light skin tone.
Medium-olive skin flaunts pink, white, chrome birthday theme nails. Features floral style on oval shape.
Medium-olive skin tones meet summer with a classic light green, stiletto shaped, marble technique manicure.
Deep skin tone foil stiletto nails in brown. Styled with winter-themed ombre dip powder technique.
Chic pink and black summer-themed marble stiletto nails. Perfect for medium-olive skin tones.
Exquisite hot pink coffin-shaped nails with a dazzling abstract Easter theme, perfected with powder dip for medium-olive skin.
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